Message – That you should be grateful for being healthy as it can all change really quickly

Story –

“Things you take for granted someone else is praying for”

If any of you have ever had surgery or been put to sleep you will know those first groggy minutes when your just coming round are weird. For me I started waking up as I was getting wheeled into the recovery ward to the sound of beeping and nurses explaining to me that my surgery had proved more difficult that they had imagined, as if i couldn’t already tell by the excruciating pain I was feeling in my stomach! My eyelids were the last thing to wake up. Its as if they got the message to wake up after everyone else because while lying there it was like being in a room with no windows, i had no idea what was going on outside but from what i was feeling it didn’t seem great. Questions from the nurses asking if the pain was decreasing were only getting a slight shake of the head. I know its bad but when i was lying in that room feeling like I was dying i started to feel angry towards the nurses, its was like my brain was trying to put the blame on somebody to give some sort of explanation as to why i was feeling the pain of a knife being slowly pulled out of my stomach or that’s what i can only imagine it feels like. So with the pain only increasing, more and more things were added to my ongoing list of medication. At this point I had a nose tubes in to keep my breathing normal and although it looks uncomfortable to have little tubes up your nose they aren’t to bad, I had IV lines in both arms giving me the much needed pain relief and cardiac monitors on my chest which i remember being really cold like when your grandma touches you with her freezing hands. Once back in my room i was out like a light.

To do anything i had to have someone help me, i was like a toddler learning to walk for the first time. Dad got woken up multiple times in the night by me throwing stuff at him so I could just go to the toilet. Nights also seemed to go on forever. I spent most of the nights staring at the ceiling drinking chocolate milk which was kind of warm and disgusting but was some sort of entertainment nonetheless. Having the nurses come in and check on me at night also provided another sort of entertainment as we would talk about married at first sight which was airing at the time. Meals in hospital are a whole other story. I don’t even think anyone should be grateful for these. The caterer lady who delivered the meals was called Sanda. She hated me, or actually i think she hated teenagers in general. She would walk slowly into your room taking a long time between each word just to really add some emphasis on all the lovely things she was about to say to you, and then she would go on to shove all this food at you which smelt disgusting and tasted the same too. After two weeks of attempting to eat the vomit worthy food i gave up, and i would be lying if i said some of the soup didn’t go down the sink and neither did the carrots or pumpkin or whatever they were go down the toilet. I know it was a waste but the look sandra would give you as you handed back a tray of untouched food made it a much better decision! I think about two days after my surgery she started complaining to me about how bad ‘us teenagers were because we  just lie around on our phones all do doing nothing’. Another thing she also said to me was that i ‘shouldn’t spend all day lying in bed and that i need to get up and start walking around’.

Most of you find getting out of bed hard as you want to sleep all day, but when getting out of bed is literally one of the hardest things you do in a day and all you do is lie there watching bad tv it doesn’t really have the same effect! Once finally out of out of hospital the days didn’t get much more eventful. I’d spend my days watching too many episodes of the 100, telling mum i was doing homework and sleeping, it probably sounds really fun but trust me the initial fun wares off! For a week i couldn’t walk alone. It took about 2 weeks before i could even sit up by myself. And for around 4 week i spent most of my time in bed only getting up for short intervals. And now 15 weeks later I still havent got back into sport and nor am i feeling 100% yet.

I learnt a lot in these 15 weeks. How the easiest things you don’t even think about, can become the hardest,  I learnt first hand what hospital is like, Prior to this i definitely took a lot of things for granted, now not so much. I guess what i’m trying to get across is your life can be a whole lot worse than it is right now so you should never take even the smallest things for granted. Next time when your carrying your skis up the final bit of road before the ski field, just remember how lucky you are to be able to do this, Or even when you are hanging out with friends. Because you could be next in line to have to deal with the horrible hospital food so be grateful for whatever you can do right now whether its big things like climbing mount everest, Playing a game of netball or smaller things like surviving another day at school. Just be grateful.


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